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FloorTimes VisitedTimes DiedSurvival RateDeath Rate
Basement 112384496.45%3.55%
Basement 211672797.69%2.31%
Cellar 110214295.89%4.11%
Cellar 29651898.13%1.87%
Burning Basement 11881492.55%7.45%
Burning Basement 2181398.34%1.66%
Caves 111193896.60%3.40%
Caves 210652297.93%2.07%
Catacombs 19862397.67%2.33%
Catacombs 29382097.87%2.13%
Flooded Caves 1162398.15%1.85%
Flooded Caves 2196497.96%2.04%
Depths 110332197.97%2.03%
Depths 210431998.18%1.82%
Necropolis 19553596.34%3.66%
Necropolis 29132397.48%2.52%
Dank Depths 1180199.44%0.56%
Dank Depths 2157298.73%1.27%
Womb 110293596.60%3.40%
Womb 29572597.39%2.61%
Utero 18742896.80%3.20%
Utero 28671798.04%1.96%
Scarred Womb 1160199.38%0.63%
Scarred Womb 2160298.75%1.25%
Dark Room941781.91%18.09%
XL FloorTimes VisitedTimes DiedSurvival RateDeath Rate
Basement XL145596.55%3.45%
Cellar XL151994.04%5.96%
Burning Basement XL30100%
Caves XL141695.74%4.26%
Catacombs XL116694.83%5.17%
Flooded Caves XL13192.31%7.69%
Depths XL105595.24%4.76%
Necropolis XL120992.50%7.50%
Dank Depths XL170100%
Womb XL89693.26%6.74%
Utero XL96891.67%8.33%
Scarred Womb XL60100%
Greed FloorTimes VisitedTimes DiedSurvival RateDeath Rate
Greed Mode - Basement531375.47%24.53%
Greed Mode - Caves40490.00%10.00%
Greed Mode - Depths36294.44%5.56%
Greed Mode - Womb34197.06%2.94%
Greed Mode - Sheol330100%
Greed Mode - The Shop33196.97%3.03%
Greed Mode - Ultra Greed32390.63%9.38%